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Whether you work in finance, legal or professional services, certain business challenges apply across all sectors. As all industries continue to move through a state of evolution, you need to ensure that your data is secure and that your processes are legally compliant. At the same time, you must deliver an exceptional client experience – and remain competitive. Add to the mix the ever-changing technology landscape, and you may be unsure where to set your sight first. In this environment, success starts with the right business insight.

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In this time of client experience being key to ongoing loyalty and business differentiation, no-one can afford to be complacent with business interactions. You need to engage with clients effectively and run an efficient organisation which maximizes potential revenue opportunities from client touchpoints.

With Akixi Insights, you get the meaningful information needed, helping you to make data-driven decisions that add value to your business. With historic and real-time snapshot statistics, our reports help you to track missed calls and return them in real time, show you when your most valuable times are, and how you can track those billable hours.

Business intelligence to keep you competitive

Dealing with the demands of omnichannel communication, new endpoints, and data security takes significant time and effort. At Akixi, our focused approach to data-driven opportunities makes it easier for your company to capitalise on the things that matter most. You can assign client interactions to account codes, making it easier to connect billable hours to specific cases. You can even create reports on these codes over a specific period to track business performance. Don’t just respond to changes in demand – prepare your business for what comes next, with monitoring and real-time insights into client requirements. Find out more about Akixi 3000, our omnichannel analytics software.

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“With Akixi being an online cloud service, I thought that it would falter now and again. But it has never done so and is always up and running – the service has always been reliable. We can now see exactly how many calls are being made, how many are going into overflow and how many are abandoned. Being able to see these statistics saves us a lot of time and makes the sales team more proficient.”

Amanda Swales,


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As a leading cloud-based call and contact analytics company with an established reputation, you can count on Akixi to help boost the productivity, efficiency and overall performance of your business. If you require any help identifying the right system for your business, Akixi has a team of experts on hand to assist you. In the meantime, browse our most frequently asked questions and see if your query is included.

Assigning your client interactions to an Akixi account code (sometimes called an ‘activity code’) makes it easier to allocate billable hours to a specific case. Akixi account codes can be customised to suit your business and are allocated at the end of each call (i.e. ‘Client LANG01 audit’ or ‘enquiry following October press advert’). Report on these codes over a given period to identify quantity of calls or total talk time.

There are numerous ways in which Akixi solutions can help improve client experience. Here are just a few examples.
You can monitor and report on live and historic call waiting times and set alarms to ensure that SLAs for your key clients are met (i.e. we guarantee to answer your call within 10 seconds).
Missed calls can be reported on in real time and subsequently returned, ensuring no potential business is lost to a competitor.
Akixi groups can be used to route calls quickly to the right person – ‘insurance quotes’, ‘insurance claims’, ‘personal banking’, ‘business banking’.

As specialists in call and contact reporting and analytics software, Akixi only provides the reporting application. However, we work with a network of over 600 partners worldwide who will work with you to discuss the best telephony platform for your business and will include Akixi analytics software into the overall solution for you. Get in touch with us to find out more about our IT/telecoms partners.

No, you don’t. Since Akixi is a cloud-based software service, no peripheral hardware or software requirements are necessary. You simply log in from your web browser or the Akixi mobile app and we will ensure you are always up to date with your Akixi reports on the latest software version. Get more details on the full range of call and contact analytics solutions at Akixi.

Call/contact management solutions can help every business manage its customer interactions more effectively. See where your calls have come from, how long are your customers waiting on hold for, what is the average talk time, how many calls have you missed calls and is that potential lost revenue? Do you need to adjust your business hours or increase staff numbers at certain times?
Akixi solutions help businesses across a variety of sectors to optimise interactions for a game-changing, ultra-responsive customer experience.

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