Engagement Analytics
for Webex Calling

Open up a new era of data-driven decision-making with Akixi call reporting and analytics at your finger tips

Akixi Engagement Analytics solution provides real-time reporting and call analysis for your Webex Calling enterprise and call center customers:

  • 250+ metrics, 16 chart types, and high visibility reports such as wallboards and leaderboards, all in real-time
  • Real-time view of call, queue, user and device activity
  • Personalized user experience using easily customizable dashboards and reports

While Webex Calling Control Hub provides valuable near real-time insights, it inherently faces limitations when it comes to delivering the depth and scope of analytics needed to drive strategic decisions. As businesses seek comprehensive visibility into their operations, the synergy between Akixi Engagement Analytics and Webex Calling emerges as a potent solution allowing you to:

Build deeper integration for increased customer loyalty and higher renewal rates

Differentiate your offering with actionable insights, driving revenue and retention

Shift from change management to integration partner, delivering larger projects

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