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At Akixi, we understand that all educational providers face daily challenges, just like any other business. Whether your focus is on maximising admissions, creating a positive learning environment, or enabling the delivery of education in a virtual world, there are technology solutions available to address your challenges, helping you increase business efficiency, maximize revenue, optimize your workforce, and enhance the student experience.


A positive educational experience starts with good communication and strong connections. The better you can connect with and understand your students, the easier it is to create those immersive moments of enlightenment that all academics crave. Akixi’s call and contact reporting solutions enable you to manage your communications more effectively by streamlining processes, optimising your existing resources, and providing you with the historic and real-time data you need to make insight-driven decisions – overall, improving the way you work and the way your students engage with you.


With call tracking and insights from Akixi, you can begin to understand your business like never before. Are you missing significant call volumes when your phones are not covered? Which departments receive the most calls? How many valuable calls are currently waiting to be answered?  Are long waiting times resulting in you losing admissions to your competition? All Akixi reports and wallboards are fully customisable so you can tailor them to suit your exact requirements helping you maximize revenue from voice.

case study

“Akixi allows us to see what is happening in our business. It provides at-a-glance views of our activity, all of which can be reported upon. It also allows us to track customers’ calls that would have been previously missed or lost. The impact of using the application has been highly positive. Akixi lets staff monitor call volumes and flow, allowing us to staff accordingly and cater for peak periods. And since it is a cloud-based application it is always up to date and available anywhere.”

IT Team Leader,
North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College


frequently asked questions

As a leading cloud-based call and contact analytics company with an established reputation, you can count on Akixi to help boost the productivity, efficiency and overall performance of your business. If you require any help identifying the right system for your business, Akixi has a team of experts on hand to assist you. In the meantime, browse our most frequently asked questions and see if your query is included.

Yes, absolutely. As a cloud-based service, you have the option to flex and scale your Akixi configuration up or down whenever needed to meet your business requirements. So, if you need to add more agents or increase your reporting functionality for a month or two for Clearing, that’s no problem. You only pay for the service you use.

With Akixi’s trend analysis by time frame you can easily see when you are receiving most calls. Are you missing important calls between 07:30-09:00 when the school office is closed? Akixi reports will show your busy call days and times so that you can adjust staffing levels if required. You can also view a live report of missed calls and return those calls accordingly.

As specialists in call and contact reporting and analytics software, Akixi only provides the reporting application. However, we work with a network of over 600 partners worldwide who will work with you to discuss the best telephony platform for your business and will include Akixi analytics software into the overall solution for you. Get in touch with us to find out more about our IT/telecoms partners.

No, you don’t. Since Akixi is a cloud-based software service, no peripheral hardware or software requirements are necessary. You simply log in from your web browser or the Akixi mobile app and we will ensure you are always up to date with your Akixi reports on the latest software version. Get more details on the full range of call and contact analytics solutions at Akixi.

Call/contact management solutions can help every business manage its customer interactions more effectively. See where your calls have come from, how long are your customers waiting on hold for, what is the average talk time, how many calls have you missed calls and is that potential lost revenue? Do you need to adjust your business hours or increase staff numbers at certain times?
Akixi solutions help businesses across a variety of sectors to optimise interactions for a game-changing, ultra-responsive customer experience.

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