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Data reporting and the insight it can offer, is invaluable for improving your business and providing better customer service. With call reporting data you can gain a better understanding of your business performance and processes – giving you the information you need to make effective changes that improve your bottom line.

Akixi’s call reporting and analytics software can provide a variety of reports and charts including team performance against KPIs, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and drive changes in your business.

Call reporting software features

missed call analysis

With Akixi’s Unreturned Lost Calls Report you can see how many calls your business is missing, from whom, and on what days and times – all in a single view. Plus, if one of those numbers subsequently calls back and gets through, or if you return the call and make successful contact, the report is updated in real time. 


Ensure Sales Calls Are Never Lost Again

Ongoing analysis of this report allows you maximise revenue by ensuring no sales calls are lost to your competition. It also demonstrates a highly proactive customer service strategy.

call handling analysis

Call management analysis from Akixi includes statistics on call wait times, inbound/outbound call counts, call duration and transfer details – even how long your callers will wait on hold before abandoning the call.

Manage Staffing Resources Effectively

These valuable statistics give you the insight to effectively manage your staffing resources to cater for customer demand, or to provide additional training for agents who may take longer to resolve a solution, for example.

marketing analysis

Allocating unique phone numbers to specific marketing campaigns or channels allows you to track how many contacts got in touch as a result.

Increase Conversions & Improve ROI

Call marketing analysis gives you valuable information into what type of content your customers really engage with, so you can maximise those activities, improve conversion rates and increase ROI. Combined with other data sources, call reporting data can be a valuable contributor to the success of your marketing campaigns.


How to use call reporting data

Data is only valuable if it generates insight. Call analytics data provides information regarding the performance of your business – giving you the insight you need to make effective business decisions, to maximise efficiency, optimise team structures and improve customer service.

Call reporting gives you the power to understand your business like never before. Being able to constantly adapt to meet changing customer demands and business requirements allows you to gain a massive competitive edge.

If your core business revolves around customer service, you can’t afford to miss the benefits that call reporting data can deliver.

Real-time call reporting software

Our cloud-based call reporting software provides real-time call data, allowing you to accurately monitor your processes and take action immediately if required.

With our call reporting software, you can:

Akixi call reporting software can drive real change in your business while enabling you to better serve your customers. To find out more, book a demo or get in touch.

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