Call Center Reporting
replacement for ECCR

Effortlessly transition to Akixi for a cost-effective Call Center Reporting solution

Akixi Engagement Analytics offers a cloud-based, real-time solution for Call Center Reporting that goes beyond being just a like-for-like alternative to ECCR:

  • Replace: Provides like-for-like ECCR reporting and BroadWorks supervisor client straight out the box
  • Simplify: Rapidly access pre-canned reports from the web-based portal
  • Migrate: Deliver a rapid transition from ECCR to Akixi Call Center Reporting through simple deployment and automated provisioning
  • Enhance: Gain real-time and historic visibility of call center queues and agent activity

With BroadWorks ECCR soon to be discontinued, Service Providers have limited choices on how to fill a significant functionality gap. As they seek a viable alternative, the benefits of Akixi’s Call Center Reporting solution shine through as a simple, cost-effective replacement

Familiar pre-configured real-time ECCR-like reports

Fully customizable reports with historic data, using 250+ metrics

Advanced agent control of calls and proactive alerts

A migration experience that is complete in minutes

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Akixi’s cloud-based real-time Call Center Reporting Solution is more than just a viable alternative to ECCR