Unleashing the Power of Data

Transforming Telco with Engagement Analytics

In today’s hyper-competitive telco industry, Service Providers are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to differentiate themselves and deliver exceptional value to their customers.  

According to most analysts, the UCaaS market continues to experience significant levels of growth with the level of competition continuing to increase. Service Providers are being impacted by inflationary pressures which are increasing their costs and are looking to maintain margins by increasing prices. At the same time, the hyper players like Microsoft Teams and Zoom continue to take significant share due to their widespread use during the pandemic, translating into phone system replacement when businesses reach end of contract for their PBXs. 

Akixi has emerged as a game-changer in this landscape. By offering UCaaS Service Providers a frictionless engagement analytics solution, Akixi has created a new value layer for UCaaS partners, unleashing the power of data to give a real portfolio differentiator, transforming the telco industry with a powerful new tool. 

In this article, we will explore how Akixi enables UCaaS Service Providers to forge stronger customer relationships, reduce churn, and empower their small, medium and distributed business customers to succeed. 

The Significance of Data in Telco 

Data has always played a crucial role in the sector, however, UCaaS Service Providers often face challenges when it comes to leveraging this data effectively to drive meaningful outcomes. Akixi recognized this opportunity then developed and continues to hone, real-time engagement analytics solutions, that are low touch, and wrapped with frictionless go-to-market support. 

Specifically designed to target end customers in the small, medium and distributed business sectors, Akixi is a portfolio enhancer for many UCaaS Service Providers, allowing them to offer their customers a powerful tool for harnessing the potential of call data, giving them a deep understanding of their customer interactions, and allowing UCaaS Service Providers to get closer than ever to their customers as a critical business aid and trusted advisor, significantly building brand value and  reducing customer churn. 

Empowering Customers  

While Service Providers may not directly use the engagement solution themselves, they play a pivotal role in empowering their customers to utilize it effectively. By utilizing Akixi, UCaaS Service Providers are presenting their customers with a powerful tool for analyzing call data, extracting insights, and making data-driven decisions that aid better customer experience leading to increased loyalty and driving brand equity. 

Customers can analyze call volumes, durations, patterns, and other key metrics to gain a deeper understanding of their operations and customer interactions. Armed with this knowledge, customers can optimize their business processes, improve resource allocation, and deliver exceptional and unified service, particularly of value for distributed business operations. 

Building Stronger Customer Relationships 

Akixi partnered UCaaS Service Providers are achieving a greater understanding of business operations within multiple verticals, based on the information that Akixi reveals. By utilizing metrics, this deeper understanding of customer-centric and verticalized behavior can aid additional commercial opportunities for hardware, based on real operational metrics, perhaps headsets to aid productivity in hospitality, to increase customer throughput for example. This understanding of customer needs and provision of suggestions, aids both new sales and customer retention, forging a stronger relationship in a trusted advisors capacity. 


Akixi’s engagement analytics offering is revolutionizing the telecom industry by leveraging data for customer specific metrics, that make effective operational improvements for revenue growth. By empowering Service Providers to provision a powerful tool that unlocks the potential of data for their customers, the benefit of reducing churn and strengthening relationships results in enhanced telco services, improved customer experiences, and a competitive edge in the crowded telco market. 

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Unleashing the Power of Data
Sarah Metcalfe