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It’s been a while as they say. The last time I was at Enterprise Connect, it was 2019, a different company and a very different market. Fast-forward to 2023, the baby alligators were still sunning themselves, but this week felt truly cathartic with the industry coming together to network and fill three years of separation. Yes, there was 2022, but that was still sporadic. 2023 was back to normal – for real.

Personally, I met people I had only ever spoken to via Teams or Zoom. Some were bigger, some were smaller, but everyone was more relatable. The irony of virtual collaboration is that there is still a humanistic gap that can only be bridged by that physical interaction.

So much for the soft stuff. What was the vibe? The big news was the latest version of Teams, which brings significant performance improvements over the current version. My poor old M1 based MacBook Air will be thankful for this, I’m sure! We announced the Akixi support for Teams, which will bring the Akixi experience of informal contact center use cases to Teams. There was considerable interest from our client base to this new development.

The second big thing was AI based solutions, which several of the main cloud vendors announced. AI has become the theme in 2023, driven by all the hype around ChatGPT, which brings me to something we announced during the show – The Akixi Intelligence Hub. Intelligence Hub provides insights to a channel about where opportunities are hiding in their customer base. It does this by analysing information coming from the base and using learning-based algorithms to surface opportunities. If you consider the cost of customer acquisition in marketing budgets, the Intelligence Hub is going to be a very cost-effective method of developing leads.

Thank you Enterprise Connect for a fantastic event. The industry is truly back to normal.

Want to learn more about Intelligence Hub? Take a look at our recent comms below:



Enterprise Connect Perspectives
Sarah Metcalfe