Engagement Analytics as a CX tool for UcaaS Service Providers

Amidst a challenging global economic landscape, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of customer engagement (CX) for brand loyalty and repeat business. 

CX technology is on the rise, as recently highlighted in a recent Metrigy research study, with a remarkable surge in companies investing in such. This article explores how Akixi, a leading provider of engagement analytics solutions, stands at the forefront of the crowd, empowering UcaaS Service Providers with a portfolio of tools, that help their SMB customers excel in their CX strategies. 

Harnessing the Power of Technology 

In today’s competitive marketplace, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping customer interactions, analyzing interaction quality, and driving both customer and employee satisfaction. Acknowledging this, UcaaS Service Providers are turning to solutions like Akixi, to help their customers to harness the power of both data and analytics for their customer experience and engagement endeavours.  

With 65% of companies planning to increase their CX spending, it becomes evident that the adoption of robust CX technologies, such as Akixi’s comprehensive reporting and analytics suite, is a strategic portfolio enhancing move for UcaaS Service Providers, helping them to engage with and offer, a solution that transforms operational success for their customers. 

Enhancing Contact Center Operations 

Within the realm of customer engagement technologies, the small and informal contact center holds significant importance. As organizations strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences, Akixi provides a suite of features through partnering UcaaS Service Providers, that are designed to optimize informal contact center operations and the overall customer experience.  

From real-time reporting and engagement analytics to customizable dashboards and performance monitoring, Akixi equips businesses with the tools they need to improve agent efficiency, training, optimization of staff availability, and to ensure customer satisfaction, particularly in meeting service level agreement (SLA) objectives. This investment in the small and informal contact center, aligns with research findings that reveal over 50% of companies completed a CX transformation project in 2022, emphasizing the importance of adapting to changing customer demands. 

A recent research study (Metrigy), sheds light on the positive trajectory of customer engagement technologies, as businesses continue to prioritize technology investments in the face of economic challenges. By offering Akixi engagement analytics, UcaaS Service Providers can position themselves as trusted advisors to their customer base, delivering greater loyalty and presenting revenue growth opportunities.  


As businesses navigate the economic downturn, the need to invest in customer engagement technologies has become more critical than ever. Akixi’s commitment to partnering with global UcaaS Service Providers in the provisioning of comprehensive engagement analytics solutions, is proving to truly empower SMBs, and Distributed Businesses to excel with operational transformation, leading to a more engaged and operationally efficient business. By embracing technology-driven solutions like Akixi, Service Providers can confidently deliver a new value layer to their customers. 

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Engagement Analytics as a CX tool for UcaaS Service Providers
Sarah Metcalfe