Creating a Coherent Layer of Service Value

In the past couple of years, I have seen the impact collaboration has had on businesses both large and small. The way we work has fundamentally changed in that time to take advantage of the huge improvement in technology now available. However, while our ways of working have changed, in many cases our customers have not. They still expect to contact businesses via traditional ways and receive prompt, high quality service. This then represents something of a challenge in businesses that have become more remote or hybrid.



That is why visibility is so important to understand what is happening, why it is happening and how to deal with it. Akixi have been solving these issues for a number of years, extending significant value into operator UCaaS services based around Cisco/BroadSoft infrastructure. As the pandemic has now abated, it brings with it more need to justify value than ever before. Having the ability to improve business engagement with prospects and customers, connects an operator to the foundation of any small business.


So why join now?

In my recent past, I have seen first-hand how operators have been struggling to economically build a coherent layer of value-added capability around their UCaaS and trunking services. With the new hyper cloud services like Teams, this becomes even more important because the value in calls and minutes continues to be squeezed.



I see the opportunity for Akixi to provide a layer of value-added engagement and insight services across multiple cloud platforms, delivering a consistent range of capabilities that elevate service provider offers beyond channels and minutes. By utilising Akixi’s pedigree in customer insights, service providers can connect more closely to their customers by understanding their behaviours and how that impacts their business. Akixi’s Insights will become a vital conduit to upselling additional products and cementing the business/service provider relationship. Today marks the first day of building the vision….more to come.



Creating a Coherent Layer of Service Value