Add value with UCaaS provisioned engagement analytics

Voice remains strong, and a recent Metrigy global study highlighted that 68.5% of interactions start in voice, and of those that do not start in voice, 23.1% must be escalated to voice to resolve issues.

With this being the case, engagement analytics software is growing as a powerful tool for UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) providers, to bring them closer to their customers by uncovering meaningful and actionable voice-based insights, that can be used to enhance their business operation.

Service Providers are turning to engagement analytics platform providers, such as Akixi, to deliver a value-added service layer that delivers enhanced customer experience, optimized operational efficiency, and drives strategic business decision-making. In this article, we will explore engagement analytics software as an enablement tool.

Enhanced Customer Experience (CX)

Metrigy’s research also indicates that businesses utilizing analytics (voice) software within their UCaaS provisioned environments, report a 17% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings. Engagement analytics such as Akixi, analyze customer interactions in real-time, identify meaningful trends, and report them as actionable insights to remedy situations for the better.

This insight might be used to train agents on best practice, personalize customer interactions, better provision the labour force to reduce call volume, or perhaps provide more proactive support. Actionable insights lead to higher customer satisfaction levels, as customer touch-points are improved, helping to enhance brand engagement and repeat business, which is all important for business success.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

The telco industry itself has witnessed significant improvements in operational efficiency through engagement analytics adoption, and according to Metrigy, UCaaS service provisioned businesses leveraging such analytics tools, experience a 14% reduction in average call handle time, leading to enhanced productivity and cost savings.

By categorizing, and analyzing interactions, businesses can identify bottlenecks, streamline processes based on trends, and optimize resource allocation for best fit each day, all aiding business efficiency and revenue optimization.

Business Intelligence and Compliance

Engagement analytics software such as Akixi, gives the necessary intelligence for businesses to be proactive. Forbes reports that companies leveraging analytics (voice) gain a 12% improvement in operational performance.

By analyzing call data and customer feedback, businesses, can identify market or product engagement trends, and make data-driven decisions based on aggregated and real-time information, to refine their offerings at any moment in time, to stay ahead in their market space.

When it comes to business compliance, engagement analytics software plays a vital role in promoting this. By proactively monitoring and analyzing touch-points, engagement analytics software can detect potential compliance breaches, thus helping companies act and uphold regulatory standards where required.

This not only protects businesses from costly penalties, but also fosters a culture of integrity and good ethical conduct, enhancing the brand.

Advanced Analytics Techniques

Emerging trends in engagement analytics software involve the adoption of advanced analytics techniques. Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms are increasingly utilized to analyze vast amounts of data, uncover hidden patterns, and provide predictive insights.

These techniques, when provisioned through engagement analytics software, enable businesses to better address customer needs, to be more personalized and more efficiently addressed, to create a seamless engagement experience.


Engagement analytics software such as Akixi, is rapidly gaining traction with UCaaS Service Providers, offering significant portfolio benefits as a provisioned tool, such as improved customer experience, operational efficiency, compliance management, and enhanced decision-making, giving businesses tangible metrics from voice-based interactions, helping them to enhance their business operations.

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Add value with UCaaS provisioned engagement analytics
Sarah Metcalfe