Akixi Introduces Real Time Desktop Wallboard With Phreak Detection

wallboard_home1Akixi, the leading call management service provider, has introduced wallboard functionality for the Akixi 1000 Business Dashboard and the more sophisticated Akixi 2000 for contact centre call management. Like all Akixi call management services, the desktop wallboard functionality is supplied as hosted SAAS (software as a service) and not as a conventional package on a customer’s server.

Real Time Call Report System

Akixi desktop wallboard functionality is a real time call reporting system, unlike some competitive offerings. It provides real time displays and reporting functions, allowing a supervisor to monitor the level of incoming calls, and increase or decrease the number of staff responding as appropriate. All standard call reporting features are provided including calls waiting, longest call waiting, calls in progress and longest call in progress. Alarms can be set for time intervals relating to wait times or call lengths. Group call statistics can also be provided showing information on the number of calls presented to the group and the group average answer time. The desktop wallboard functionality for the Akixi 2000 contact centre management service includes further real time reporting and historical analysis for contact centre operations.

Akixi’s sophisticated desktop wallboard statistical analysis extends to call segmentation, so that if a call is forwarded to voice mail and is then forwarded again, it is still tracked and analysed by the system. Internal calls are also covered. In this way the Akixi desktop wallboard statistical analysis gives a complete call management history and not a partial record of external calls answered.

Additional functionality includes anti-phreaking detection to prevent toll fraud. The enhancement is a free upgrade for all existing and new Akixi customers, with usage covered by the Akxi monthly service fee. Like the core Akixi call reporting application, all features are provided as SAAS (software as a service) and not as a conventional package on a customer’s server. Akixi does away with all the costly set-up costs normally associated with call management and ACD reporting. There is no capital expenditure on hardware, no implementation and upgrades to worry about and no commitment to ongoing support fees.

For Akixi, Bart Delgado, Managing Director said, “The additional desktop wallboard functionality we have added to the Akixi 1000 and 2000 services is typical of the advanced, sophisticated features that we can provide to our customers, with no need to modifications or installations on customer premises equipment. As a cloud based call service our customers always have access to the latest version of Akixi. This is true real time desktop wallboard reporting, something that simple call logging packages don’t supply. We anticipate that the Akixi desktop wallboard will be another driver in the adoption of the flexible, cost-effective Akixi call management service.”

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Full details of the Akixi desktop wallboard can be found online on our Youtube page HERE.

About Akixi

Established in 2008, Akixi offers advanced hosted call management and call centre reporting services. We provide easy and cost effective services to both PBX and VoIP providers. We currently have customers in Europe, USA, South Africa and Mexico and have over 1900 active sites globally. We have over 200 sets of historical and real time call statistics, dials, alarms, charts and desktop wallboards. Our service is compatible with BroadSoft, Siemens and Panasonic platforms. Our service is available to users anywhere across multiple sites and is highly scalable from 2 to over 10,000 users.