Akixi 1000


Akixi 1000

Product Description

Akixi 1000 will help you manage your telephony resources and usage cost effectively. It offers real time call analytics with comprehensive reports allowing you to scrutinise and analyse your customers, supplier contacts and staff historically and in real time. Akixi 1000 allows you to monitor extension activity, campaign management, the status of your colleagues and enables you to recover abandoned calls. The desktop wallboard is available in this product level.

Akixi 1000 – Report Styles

* It is possible to use the Historical Call List report in Akixi Presence but it is automatically filtered by the user’s assigned extension device.

Akixi 1000 – Report Features

Akixi Product Levels Lite Presence 1000 2000
Historical Reporting tick tick tick tick
Scheduling tick cross tick tick
Cradle To Grave Reporting tick cross tick tick
Call Recording Plug-In tick tick tick tick
Abandoned Call Recovery tick cross tick tick
Real Time Reporting cross tick tick tick
Presence BLF View cross tick tick tick
Call Control cross tick tick tick
Alarms cross tick tick tick
Charting cross cross tick tick
1000 Wallboard cross cross tick tick
* ACD Statistics cross cross cross tick
DND Statistics cross cross cross tick
* Not Available Codes cross cross cross tick
Hunt Group Monitoring cross cross cross tick
*ACD Group Analytics cross cross cross tick
2000 Wallboard cross cross cross tick
* ACD call statistics require ACD agent subscriptions.
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